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The Last Election by Stephen Marche

The Last Election by Stephen Marche

epub | 669.84 KB | English | Isbn:9781636141503 | Author: Yang, Andrew, Marche, Stephen | Year: N/A


A gripping, intricately plotted political thriller set on the campaign trail of the USA's next—and because of crucial flaws in the electoral system—its last election; from former presidential candidate Andrew Yang and author Stephen Marche
THE LAST ELECTION is a unique political thriller about an outlandish yet frighteningly possible—even probable—scenario in America's near future, during the crucial 2024 presidential election. Though it is fiction, it is a wake-up call to a country tearing itself apart.
The story focuses on two characters: Mikey Ricci, a political operative who has lost faith in traditional structures following the bitter races of 2016 and 2020; and Martha Kass, the anonymous tip supervisor of the New York Times. In 2023, Ricci becomes the campaign manager of a third-party candidate who runs on a popular, centrist platform and whose frank and honest manner stands in stark contrast to the candidates of the two major parties. Ricci faces off against the massive machinery of both political parties, as well as their invested media and dark money supporters—the source of true power in America. Even so, the candidate's message begins to gain ground.
In the meantime, Kass stumbles upon a plot by the current Joint Chiefs of Staff to seize power in the anticipated chaos of the coming election. She hopes it is too improbable to be taken seriously. But as the idea that Ricci's candidate might win enough electors to upset the delicate balance of America's two-party system takes hold, the threat becomes frighteningly real.
Events unfold at the frenetic pace of the campaign trail, and Kass and Ricci become unlikely allies as they bear witness to what might be the end of America as a dematic republic. If no candidate can accrue the coveted majority of 270 electors, who wins? The electoral system collapses in uncertainty as Congress's role in certification becomes unfathomably complex. When no one is certain who the winner is, the stage is set for a corrupt seizure of power. Will the American experiment end?

"Yang and Marche masterfully ratchet the tension to near-unbearable levels. The outcome, in this worthy 21st-century update of the 1962 classic Seven Days in May, is just possible enough to give readers nightmares."
—Publishers Weekly, STARRED review
"Andrew Yang and Stephen Marche have written a pulse-pounding, page turning thriller, but they've also crafted an excellent, elegant novel." — Narrative Species
"In former presidential candidate Yang's first novel, doomsday looms for American demacy in the months leading up to the 2024 election . . . zinging broadsides make for lively and unsettling reading."
—Kirkus Reviews
"Andrew Yang is one of the most forward-thinking leaders in American politics. The Last Election is a high-stakes drama about a nation on the brink—and an explosive reminder that freedom is never more than a generation away from extinction. If life imitates art, then we should pay attention to Yang and Marche's prophecy."
—Miles Taylor, New York Times best-selling author of A Warning
"The Last Election is a turbo-charged page-turner that will have you on the edge of your seat—but it's also a searing critique of our electoral system by someone who knows how the sausage is made."
—Amy Chua, author of Political Tribes: Group Instinct and the Fate of Nations

About the Author
ANDREW YANG is the cofounder of the Forward Party, a new, independent political movement dedicated to restoring the promise of American demacy. He was a Dematic presidential candidate in 2020 whose campaign outlasted over a dozen mainstream political officeholders and raised $40 million from hundreds of thousands of everyday Americans, dubbed "the Yang Gang." His New York Times best-selling book The War on Normal People helped introduce the idea of universal basic income into the political mainstream, and his most recent book, Forward: Notes on the Future of Our Demacy became a national bestseller. Named by President Obama as a Presidential Ambassador of Global Entrepreneurship, he is the founder of Humanity Forward and Venture for America. He lives with his family in New York.
STEPHEN MARCHE is a novelist and essayist. He is the author of half a dozen books, including The Next Civil War, The Unmade Bed: The Messy Truth about Men and Women in the Twenty-First Century, and The Hunger of the Wolf. He has written opinion pieces and essays for the New Yorker, the New York Times, the Atlantic, Esquire, and many others.

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