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The Wedding Guest by Kathryn Croft

The Wedding Guest by Kathryn Croft

epub | 360.61 KB | English | Isbn:N/A | Author: Kathryn Croft | Year: 2023


I'm lying to the man I'm about to marry. I'm not the woman he thinks I am. But my secret's safe. Isn't it?
I feel like the perfect bride as I drift across the beach towards my handsome new husband, the sand warm between my toes, my ivory slip wedding dress showing off my suntan. Today is the beginning of my new life. My dark past can no longer touch me.
When I reach my husband, we kiss against the perfect backdrop of the shimmering turquoise sea. The congregation clap and I turn to smile at them.
Then my smile freezes. I see him. Sitting there amongst my loved ones. An uninvited guest who knows the truth about me and the terrible thing that happened ten years ago. The man who won't ever let me be happy.
And as he steps forward, asking for everyone's attention, my legs buckle. I know he wants to destroy my perfect new life.
But how can I stop someone who will never let me go? And how far will I go to keep my secrets?

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