*2023*Comptia A+ Simulations For Core 1 And 2 220-1101/1102 By Dean Cyber

*2023*Comptia A+ Simulations For Core 1 And 2 220-1101/1102 By Dean Cyber

*2023*Comptia A+ Simulations For Core 1 And 2 220-1101/1102
Published 6/2023
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CompTIA A+ 2023 Simulations for Core 1 (220-1101) and Core 2 (220-1102)

What you'll learn

UPS, Surge protectors.

RAID 0 1 5 10.

Internet protocols.

TCP/UDP characteristics.

Help desk tickets.

Printer problems and more


Desire to pass Comptia A+ 220-1101 and 220-1102 Practice Exams and get Comptia A+ certification

Watching the lecture videos completely, to the end

Internet Connection

Determination and patience to learn.


*IMPORTANT*Most of the these Simulations are not available in my youtube channel anymore.As English being my second language, you may encounter some grammar mistakes in the videos, so I apologise in advance. My videos have helped many people pass their exams, so don't hesitate and enroll now. You won't regret.Not all the Simulations in this course are available in my YouTube channel.Enroll in this CompTIA A+ certification course to prepare for your exam.With our Simulations and Performance based questions you will learn how to react/troubleshoot important real time IT scenarios and make you ready to pass your exam with confidence. Each video explains different scenario that you may encounter when you land a job in the IT sector. Also helps you learn and remember important information needed for you to pass your exam.The Simulations are in form of a videos, showing and explaining the subject.Here is some of the Simulations included in this course:What is UPS, Surge protector-what devices are recommended to be plugged in each.How to interact with customers through help desk chat system.RAID 0, 1, 5, 10 - characteristics.All internet protocols you need to know with their characteristics.Laser Printer troubleshooting, faulty parts replacement.CMD commands.USB standards.Troubleshooting methodology.Identifying connector ports.Cloud computing.BSODNetwork cable connectors and tools.And many more simulations videos.After watching all the Simulations in this course and you will have the confidence and the knowledge to pass your exam and start your career in IT.This course is focused only on Simulations, if you want to practice with exam questions, you can check my Exam practice tests for Core 1 and 2 in Udemy and also my youtube channel. Wish you luck.


Section 1: All Simulations

Lecture 1 Simulation: UPS

Lecture 2 Simulation: RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5, and RAID 10

Lecture 3 Simulation: TCP/UDP Comparison

Lecture 4 Simulation: Help Desk Chat Support

Lecture 5 Simulation: Paper Jams

Lecture 6 Simulation: Printouts are smudging

Lecture 7 Simulation: Motherboard components

Lecture 8 Simulation: USB Standards

Lecture 9 Simulation: Troubleshooting Methodology

Lecture 10 Simulation: Troubleshooters Methodology 2

Lecture 11 Simulation: Laser printer problems and resolutions

Lecture 12 Simulation: Troubleshooting Monitors

Lecture 13 Simulation: All port numbers you need to know

Lecture 14 Simulation: Cloud Computing

Lecture 15 Simulations: Identify common connector ports

Lecture 16 Simulation: Mobile technologies

Lecture 17 Simulation: All cmd you need to know

Lecture 18 Simulation: Helpdesk-print issue

Lecture 19 Simulation: Collecting basic data from Windows 10 machine

Lecture 20 Simulation: Print Spooler

Anyone looking to pass CompTIA A+ 220-1101/220-1102 exams and get the CompTIA A+ Certification.,Anyone who wants to improve their skills as a computer or IT technician, IT professional.,Those who want to step into the world of technology.,Those who have a career goal in the field of technology.

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