New Relic One Masterclass - The Complete Guide for Beginners

New Relic One Masterclass - The Complete Guide for Beginners
New Relic One Masterclass - The Complete Guide for Beginners
Last updated 6/2024
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The most complete 2024 New Relic course. Covering the latest New Relic interface and AI features! 100+ lessons.

What you'll learn
Learn how to set up a New Relic, navigate the interface, and configure settings.
Learn real-time monitoring of applications, analyzing performance metrics, and generating insightful reports to identify bottlenecks and improvement areas
Learn how to set up proactive alerts based on performance thresholds, ensuring timely response to potential issues.
Develop skills in diagnosing and troubleshooting common application performance issues using New Relic's tools and features.
Learn industry best practices for optimizing application performance based on New Relic insights.

New Relic Account (free trial is enough): Students will need to sign up for a New Relic account, which will be used throughout the course for hands-on exercises and practical learning.

Unlock the full potential of New Relic One and APM and
elevate your skills with this step by step course
. New Relic is one of the best tools on the market and there are multiple reasons why this is my favourite observability software.
What You'll Learn:
Introduction to New Relic:
Dive into the foundations of New Relic and understand how it revolutionizes application monitoring and observability.
Setting Up Your Environment:
Learn the step-by-step process of installing and configuring New Relic One.
Monitoring Key Metrics:
Master the art of tracking crucial performance metrics, such as response time, error rates, and throughput, to identify bottlenecks and optimize your applications.
Creating Custom Dashboards:
Harness the power of New Relic One to build personalized dashboards that provide real-time insights into your application's health and performance.
Alerts and Notifications:
Implement effective alerting strategies to proactively detect issues and receive timely notifications, ensuring minimal downtime and optimal user experience.
Analyzing Traces and Transactions:
Explore the world of distributed tracing and transaction analysis to pinpoint and resolve performance issues with precision.
Advanced Troubleshooting Techniques:
Acquire advanced troubleshooting skills to tackle complex issues and optimize your application stack for peak performance.
Learn how to use the New Relic Query Language like a pro
And much much more!
Who Is This Course For?
Keep in mind that this course is for absolute beginners. We will start from step 1 and proceed to explore every single important capability of the tool. If you have experience using New relic, some parts of the course may be too basic for you.
Don't miss this opportunity to become a New Relic One expert. Enroll now and let's get started!
Who this course is for:
DevOps Engineers
System Administrators
IT Managers and Decision-Makers
Data Professionals
Anyone with interest in learning how to use New Relic

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