Integrated Circuits: Learn Operational Amplifiers On Ltspice

Integrated Circuits: Learn Operational Amplifiers On Ltspice
Integrated Circuits: Learn Operational Amplifiers On Ltspice
Published 11/2023
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Semiconductor Devices: Hands on Lab Based Course on Op-Amp using Ltspice Analog Electronics & Hardware Design - 7

What you'll learn

OpAmp Circuit Design

LTspice Circuit Simulation Tutorial

Operating Op-Amp as an Inverting Amplifier

Operating Op-Amp as a Non-Inverting Amplifier

Operating Op-Amp as a Buffer Amplifier

Operating Op-Amp as an Adder

Operating Op-Amp as a Subtractor

Operating Op-Amp as a Differentiator

Operating Op-Amp as a Integrator

Operating Op-Amp as a Comparator

Operating Op-Amp as a Logarithemic Amplifier

Operating Op-Amp as a Anti-Logarithemic Amplifier

Building a Schmitt Trigger using an Operational Amplifier


Projects based on Operational Amplifiers


A moderate understanding of English even though the author tries to explain everything as simply as possible.

A computer in order to simulate the circuits that we are going to build together.

A basic understanding of mathematics.

Students should have strong command on Analog Electronics (BJTS, FETs, Diodes) orelse you can look forward to enroll in previous courses


Discover the fascinating world of Integrated Circuits and Operational Amplifiers in our user-friendly LTSpice course. This course is designed to help you become a pro in using these crucial electronic parts. You'll gain the knowledge and skills needed to create complex circuit designs and analyze them with accuracy.In this enriching journey, you'll embark on a comprehensive exploration of the theoretical foundations and practical applications of operational amplifiers. Guided by expert instructors, you'll unravel the complexities of these fundamental elements, gaining insights that go beyond textbooks and conventional learning.By delving into real-world scenarios and hands-on exercises, you'll develop an intuitive grasp of how operational amplifiers function in various circuit configurations. Our in-depth tutorials will empower you to harness the full potential of LTSpice, enabling you to simulate, optimize, and troubleshoot intricate circuits effortlessly.@ Course Roadmap:Basic Concepts of an Operational Amplifier: Start with the essentials. Gain a solid foundation in the theory and working principles of operational amplifiers.LTSpice Circuit Simulation Tutorial: Master LTSpice, a powerful circuit simulation tool. Learn how to create, simulate, and analyze circuits effectively.Operating Op-Amp as an Inverting Amplifier: Dive into practical applications. Explore how operational amplifiers can be used as inverting amplifiers.Operating Op-Amp as a Non-Inverting Amplifier: Continue your journey by studying non-inverting amplifier configurations and their real-world applications.Operating Op-Amp as an Adder: Understand how operational amplifiers can be employed to create adder circuits, a crucial skill in electronic design.Operating Op-Amp as a Subtractor: Discover the art of subtraction using operational amplifiers. Learn the intricacies of designing subtractor circuits.Operating Op-Amp as a Differentiator: Delve into signal processing. Learn how operational amplifiers can be used as differentiators.Operating Op-Amp as an Integrator: Explore the concept of integration. Understand how operational amplifiers can perform integration tasks.Operating Op-Amp as a Comparator: Uncover the versatility of operational amplifiers as comparators. Learn to build circuits for comparison tasks.Operating Op-Amp as a Logarithmic Amplifier: Study logarithmic amplifiers and their applications in electronic systems.Operating Op-Amp as an Anti-Logarithmic Amplifier: Explore the complementary anti-logarithmic amplifiers and their utility.Building a Schmitt Trigger using an Operational Amplifier: Learn how to construct a Schmitt trigger, a crucial component in digital circuits.Numericals: Apply your theoretical knowledge to practical problem-solving. Solve numerical exercises to reinforce your learning.Projects Based on Operational Amplifiers: Take your skills to the next level by working on exciting projects that incorporate operational amplifiers.Join us on this educational journey into the world of operational amplifiers and LTSpice, and equip yourself with the skills and knowledge to design, simulate, and analyze electronic circuits effectively. Whether you're a beginner or an enthusiast, this course is your gateway to mastering these critical components of modern electronics. Enroll today and embark on your path to expertise in integrated circuits and operational amplifiers.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Decoding Operational Amplifiers

Section 2: Understand the Basic Parameters of an Amplifiers

Lecture 3 Parameters involved in an Amplifier

Lecture 4 What should be the input impedance of an amplifier?

Lecture 5 What should be the output impedance of an amplifier?

Lecture 6 What should be the Gain and Bandwidth of an amplifier?

Section 3: Basic Concepts of an Op-Amp

Lecture 7 Symbolic Representation of an Op-Amp

Lecture 8 Pin Diagram of Op-Amp (IC741)

Lecture 9 Block Diagram of an Op-Amp

Lecture 10 Why Differential Amplifier is used at the Input Stage of Operational Amplifier

Lecture 11 Concept of Virtual Short

Lecture 12 Transfer Characteristics of an Op-Amp

Lecture 13 Single and Dual Supply Mode in Op-Amp

Section 4: Introduction to LTSpice Software

Lecture 14 Find Voltage, Current & Power in Voltage Divider Circuit Using LTSpice Software

Lecture 15 AC Analysis:- Analyzing Low Pass Filter on LTSpice Software

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